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Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator Metal Detector

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Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator
Made in the USA with Easy-to-Use One Hand Operation and a Rugged Construction Built for Harsh Field Conditions

The Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator is made in the USA with easy-to-use one hand operation and a rugged construction built for harsh field conditions. It can detect buried ferrous metal objects at depths up to 8 feet and it’s waterproof sensor tube is pressure tested to water depths up to 220 feet. Locates water and gas valves, joints in iron pipe, pipes and cables, manhole covers (Telecom, Sewer, Power etc.), survey markers, P.K. nails. The security uses are the detection of ferrous metal objects on a person, search for explosive devices (IEDs), UXOs and mines.

Frequency : 16.5 kHz
Warranty : 7 Year Limited
Total Weight : 1.8 lbs (.8 kgs)
Design : Rugged Construction Suitable for Harsh Field Conditions
Audio Output : Audible Pitch (Frequency) Changes in Proportion to Field Intensity